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Off-road jeep tour

The tour starts from a convenient place for the client around the center of Veliko Tarnovo or Arbanasi, then goes on an off road terrain in the hills above Tarnovo and around Arbanasi. The route passes through a series of beautiful sights, which open up to both Arbanasi and Turnovo. The route leads to a beautiful area, which discover an incredible view of Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and other cultural and natural landmarks of Veliko Tarnovo. Then the route goes back, crosses Arbanasi and goes to another hill where the off-road continues. From there it again crosses the mud-terrain to reach another beautiful area, from which a remarkable views open once again. There are short breaks in both localities. After the second stop in the second place, the route goes back to Arbanasi and the customers are return to a convenient location again around the center of Veliko Tarnovo or Arbanasi.