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Off-road tour with a romantic picnic

First option – duration around 2 hours, distance around 25km

Second option – duration around 1 and a half hours, distance around 15km

This service is an off-road trip combined with a romantic picnic and spectacular views of Veliko Tarnovo. With this tour you will be able to give your soulmate an unforgettable emotion by experiencing an incredible off-road adventure together. Along with this, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Tsarevets, Trapezitsa, Arbanasi, the old town and the river Yantra. Once you have enjoyed this unforgettable experience with your beloved one, you will indulge in a deserved serenity, once again having the opportunity to enjoy Veliko Tarnovo from different point of view. The romantic picnic has around 40 minutes duration, while the off-road is done at the beginning of the tour – shortly after the beginning of the tour you will have a short rest at a place that offers a beautiful view of Tarnovo. We provide you with a bottle of wine, rose and additional amenities for you and your soulmate.